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Help in hospital

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Top surgery information 

Surgeon Andy Ives spoke at a Shed meeting about top surgery in November 2016. He answered a lot of common questions people have about surgery, preparation, recovery and more.  Thanks to our members for these edited videos of Andy's talk. 

Preparing for surgery

Health insurance (Australia)

Nipple sensation and scar placement

T-Anchor vs double incision 

Periareaola vs Circumareaola

Dog ears 

Top surgery talk - more questions 

Is there an upper size limit? 0:32
What is 'heavy' lifting? 2:06
Advice for support/carers after surgery 2:53
Rules about being on testosterone and surgery 3:41
Does massaging help scars? 4:16
Can you fix tethered scars? 5:36
What are the potential complications? 5:57
Revisions? 8:05
When should the first consultation be? 9:06