Online meetings 

Please read our code of conduct for an overview of the behaviour standards we follow at The Shed.   To keep up to date with all our activities and events you can join our secret facebook group by sending us an email.


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  Regular monthly meetings  


This is a peer support meeting, usually with a theme based on what our members would like to talk or learn about. Speakers from within the group share knowledge, ideas, and information in a safe, welcoming environment. Discussions are encouraged and participants can share as much or as little as they're comfortable with.

Who can come along 

We welcome anyone who identifies as trans masculine including trans men, non binary people and those exploring or questioning their gender. 

Allies, partners and friends are very welcome to attend with, and at the invitation of, their trans man. 

There is no age limit, but we mainly cater for adults.  Younger people are more than welcome, though not all topics will be suitable depending on the individual. Parents are welcome to attend with their young person. 



There is no cost for attending The Shed meetings. If you’re able to, and would like to help support us, you can make a donation or buy an annual membership.  



We meet on the 4th Sunday of the month (not always the last!) from 3pm-5pm. For the meeting dial-in details, please send us an email.



You don’t need to book or let anyone know beforehand that you’re coming, unless you want to. 


  Activities and socials   

We run activities and socials and also support our members to run activities that interest them.  

Even though we are restricted from meeting in person, we are still keen to support social activities outside of our usual meeting schedule. 

We love to hear suggestions for social activities and we're always up for trying something new. If you have ideas for things you'd like to do, drop a message in the facebook group or send us an email