Get Involved  

The Shed is run entirely by volunteers, who give their time and skills to keep the group running and supporting our community.  

We have an elected organising committee each year, and we also welcome volunteers who want to help out at any time.

Because we meet online, you can volunteer to help from anywhere in Australia. We'd love to have more volunteers! If you're interested, post in our facebook group or send us an email!


How to volunteer   

Every year at our Annual General Meeting (AGM), members of The Shed vote for the organising committee for the following year.

To volunteer, you can either nominate to be part of the committee, or just come along to our online organising meetings and help out where you can.

To volunteer without being a committee member:

Just email us at and let us know - we'll send you the details of the next meeting. You can volunteer at any time, with whatever skills and interests you have! 

To nominate to join the committee you need to:

  1. Join The Shed as a full or concession member (pay online through our shop or email us for bank details)

  2. Fill in a nomination form (which will be available at the AGM)

Our elected committee roles are:

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Committee Member

What volunteers do   

The organising committee meets on the first Monday of each month from 6:30 - 8pm.

During our meetings we organise:

  • Planning and running our monthly peer support meetings

  • Planning attendance at events like Pride, Midsumma, Chill Out festival etc

  • Running our binder programme

  • Applying for grants and funding

  • Running community activities and socials

  • Supporting trans people to run their own projects

  • Running our website, online shop and newsletter

  • Managing and moderating our Facebook group

  • Doing all the necessary admin to keep our group going, like paying insurance, and submitting our financial records to Consumer Affairs Victoria

The time commitment is to attend a monthly meeting that runs for 1.5 hours.  Any time over that depends on what you'd like to help with and how much capacity you have.