Binders, packers & STPs  


We have a free programme for binders including post surgery binders. 

You can take a binder if you need one, or swap yours for another one. They're available at all of our meetings, or by post if you can't make it in person. Email us at if you need one sent to you. 

We rely on donations to keep the programme running. If you have a binder to donate, you can bring it along to a meeting or post to FTM Shed, 100 Drummond Street, Carlton 3053. 


We sell Mr Limpy extra small packer in flesh tone and caramel. 

Mr Limpy is a very popular and affordable packer. The extra small size is based on the average size penis and will give a very natural looking bulge to your clothing without pulling your jocks down.

The extra small Mr Limpy is 3.5"(8.9cm) long.


We sell the Pocket Pisser STP pre made and ready to go. You can also download the instructions for free and make it at home yourself. 

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