Binder programme  

Our volunteers run a free binder programme for people who are trans masculine who can't access a binder themselves. We also provide post op binders for anyone having top surgery.

Eligibility for binders
Our regular binders are for people who are otherwise unable to access or afford a binder. You need to be a trans masc person (inclusive of all identities including binary, non-binary, questioning) and living in Victoria (see links below for other states). Please check your sizing carefully using gc2b sizing charts before you apply.  We ask that people only apply once per year, unless you have special circumstances. After you apply, we'll email you a confirmation and let you know the next steps. 

Eligibility for post op binders

Our post-op binders are for anyone who is having top surgery - no other requirements. We ask that you donate to help us cover postage if you can. An extra binder is handy during recovery! We have them in sizes S, M and L.  There's no application form for post op binders - just shoot us an email at

  Binders in other states  

If you need a binder and you're outside of Victoria, please check out your local trans support group or organisation and ask what support they have available: 

South Australia - TransmascSA 

Western Australia - Trans Folk of WA

Queensland and northern NSW - Many Genders, One Voice

Northern Territory - The Northern Territory AIDS and Hepatitis Council (NTAHC)

NSW - The Gender Centre

Tasmania - Working it out

  Support our programme  


If you have spare binders, please donate to the programme to help us keep supporting our community! Email us at to get our current mailing address or arrange drop off/pickup. 

If you're able to make a financial donation of any size, please check out our donations page.

Volunteer with us

The programme is currently run by 2 volunteers and we need more help to keep the programme running. We'd love to have more peeps join team binder and help us keep running this awesome programme. 

Support us to keep running!

Our online shop helps us to keep running our peer support and binder programme by subsidising our running costs.  We sell Mr Limpy and some great pride merch! 

  Our supporters  

We are currently supported by a small community grant from Pride Foundation Australia. Thanks PFA!