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  Apply for a binder  


Our volunteers run a free binder programme for people who are trans masculine who can't access a binder themselves. We also provide post-op binders for anyone having top surgery.


Eligibility to apply

You’re eligible to apply to our binder programme if you:

  • are otherwise unable to access or afford a binder,

  • are a trans masc person (inclusive of all identities including binary, non-binary, questioning), 

  • live in Victoria, and

  • are over 18 years old, or you’re a parent or legal guardian applying on behalf of an under 18 year old
    (folks who are under 18 please get in touch with
    Ygender or Minus18 for support)


Before you apply

Please make sure that you:

  • check your sizing carefully using gc2b sizing charts 

  • only apply once per year, unless you have special circumstances such as being in crisis accommodation  

  • apply with an email address that you check regularly because that's how we'll be in touch with you to make a binder offer! 

When you’ve checked that you’re eligible, you can apply online here: 

What happens after you apply

We'll email you a confirmation and ask a few more questions over email about your binder preferences - this is so we can match you to what you prefer most if there’s more than one option that might fit you. 

If we don't get a reply from you after a couple of weeks, we'll remove your application from our waiting list, so please be sure to use an email address that you check regularly.

If you haven't heard from us within 2 weeks, please check your junk mail just in case. If there's nothing in your junk mail and you haven't heard from us within 2 weeks please get in touch with us using our contact form so we can check what's happened to your application. 

Getting a binder offer

Once we have something in your size in stock, we will let you know what we can offer.  

Please use an email address that you check regularly so that we can get in touch with you as soon as we’ve got something available! 

When we email you, we will usually ask you to confirm your measurements over email before we offer you a binder. This is because:

  • most of our binders are second hand and they may have stretched from the tag size

  • we have different brands and the tag size can be different between brands 

  • your size may have changed since you applied


We want to be confident that the binder we send has the best chance of fitting the first time around. 

We’ll also confirm your mailing address in case it's changed since you applied, and if you’d like to change anything like the name on the package you can do that then, too. 

If we don't get a response from you after a couple of weeks, in fairness to others on our waiting list we'll move on to offer this binder to the next person waiting for this size and remove you from our list. If you'd like to go back on the waiting list afterwards, you're more than welcome to, just email us back and let us know. 

We mail using Australia Post with standard prepaid packaging. 

Waiting times 

Because we rely on donations, we can’t let you know how long the waiting list might be - the wait can be as little as a day, or 6 months or more.  We might have your size in stock as soon as you apply, or we might have to wait for a binder in your size to be donated.  

Our volunteers are working behind the scenes to get more donations and we’ll do our best to help you as soon as we can. 

We may check in with you from time to time to ask if you still need to be on the list - if you get a binder from somewhere else, or if you no longer need a binder, please let us know so we can remove you from our list.